First Week as secretary “The Returns”

So I am thrown into position in the Lodge, and I am expected to know what is going on.


Ok, its not quite that bad, but I wish there was a script to follow. I haven’t been able to find anything, so for those who follow, I thought I would write a blog to show what goes right and what goes wrong.

This is week 1. So far I have had one practice night to minute, I have also completed the lodge returns and set up a lodge bulletin email.

Looking ahead, I have also started an attendance register. Not my idea, I found an old one in the dreaded “Secretaries Case” OMG there is no semblance of order and I don’t care to think what is lurking in the depths.

Week 1 – The “Returns”

Lots of advice, quite a bit of it conflicting, so I am ignoring it, this may prove to be the way forward in this job.

There is a consensus that “returns” have to be in really quick. I have discovered:-


Two documents, one for Province and one for Grand Lodge

The documents are simply a list stating who is in which position within the Lodge, and are to keep the relevant authorities appraised of the structure within the lodge.

Things to note regarding returns.

Grand Lodge should be done straight away, so to prepare it would be a good idea to get some information of the brethren who are taking the role of:

Master. Name, Address, Phone Email and Date of Birth

Almoner and Charity Steward. Name, Address, Phone, Email

Secretary. (You – So put your details down)

Also, you need a list of Past Masters, the year they held the office of Master, and for which Lodge, if not your own.

Signed by Master and Secretary, then posted to Grand Lodge

Province expect their version within 10 Days but I don’t believe they will be unhappy if you fill it in at the same time as the one for Grand Lodge.

Be Prepared! or not, as was the case for me

What I didn’t expect, but with hind site I should have done, was the number of requests to be put on the mailing list, and requests for the new secretary’s email address,phone number etc.

If I could do it again? Small notebook to take contacts, and some cards with my details on to give out.