November 2014

We will be having a curry evening after practice on Monday 10th

Ceremony Practice held every Monday at Greenhead Masonic Hall 7:30pm

Ceremony to be held at 7pm on November 26th

When we will cover the following business
1. To read the Minutes of the previous Regular Lodge Meeting and submit the same
for confirmation.
2. To read an extract of the Minutes of the Regular Lodge Meeting held 50 years ago.
3. To invest officers not present at the Installation Ceremony.
4. To Pass Bro. Lloyd Anthony Joseph Mark McGregor-Cheers, aged 28 yrs,
Initiated into The Lodge of Connaught & Truth, No.: 521, on Friday 6th of
September 2014.
5. The Treasurer will give notice of motion that at the next regular meeting he will
propose that the Lodge subscriptions be increased.
6. To receive the Almoner’s Report.
7. To Collect Alms.
8. To receive Propositions.
9. To consider such other business as may be submitted.
10. To Close the Lodge.